Record of Regularizations

The Record of Regularizations lists all regularizations, organized by version.

For each instance, the regularized line is listed immediately below the original line, and the relevant readings are marked in red:

43        Yet always there to watch the colors, note
          Yet always there to watch the colours, note

A list of all regularizations in the edition will be available, arranged alphabetically both by the original and by the regularized reading, with an indication of the poems and versions in which the regularizations occur.

Regularizations include the following:

In addition, in cases where a word is spelled differently in different versions of a poem, or within the same version of a poem (e.g., capitalization, hyphenation, and italicization), a single spelling is adopted, based on the version in the Collected Poems (1958); or on the latest published version, for published poems not included in the Collected; or on the latest version, for unpublished poems.