5 Elm Ave.
Clifton Manor Apts
[12 Apr. 1960]

Dear Ethel:

I want to thank you for the wonderful help you gave us all in our change of residence. What would we have done without such friends?

I still hold to my original idea of your charm and beauty. Vi and Claire hold to the same idea.


E.J. Pratt

change of residence
Ethel and other friends of Claire helped the Pratts move from Cortleigh Blvd to the apartment at 5 Elm Avenue in Toronto's Rosedale district just north of Bloor Street, in April 1960. Claire Pratt notes 'one of her jobs was transporting my father to the Clarkes for the day where he was given a duck dinner. He was not strong enough to help with the moving. But he did undertake the task of writing them all to thank them' [letter to David G. Pitt, 19 February 1988].