47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
April 1, 1959
10 a.m.


This is April Fool's day – a real one.

  1. Winnie changed my bed yesterday from the low head side to the high foot side, a distance of sixteen inches (as you know) and this morning when I bounced out I didn't allow for the difference and I got a ridiculous kink in my side, nothing serious but just ridiculous. It's better now, thank you.

  2. Macmillan's contract for the Collected came by mail, just a contract not a cheque which I had expected. Damn all contracts and cheque failures I say. I must wait till July for the robins to chirp in my insides.

  3. There is an important fool's third but I have forgotten it, so I'll wait till your charming and witty self comes home.

This is a short note but no shorter than your card.

Love to you and little Con.
Pater familias

Claire Pratt and Connie Hudson.

Macmillan's contract was received quite late: CP2 was published in November 1958.