47 Glencairn Ave
June 14, 1958

Dear old Jack:

Thanks for the munificent cheque. It was manna from heaven.

The books came today. They look lovely. As for the great John Milton, may I say that if we meet in the empyrean and he objects to the company, I'll give him a Newfoundland kick in the posterior and send him down to Pandemonium to keep company with the rest of the black-winged archangels. He may be a great bastard but still a bastard. I am blushing already.


munificent cheque
A royalty cheque for the sale of Poems for Upper School 1956-57, containing The Roosevelt and the Antinoe and Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, prescribed for Ontario high school students in the academic years 1956-57 and 1957-58. (See the letter to Ralph Gustafson, 19 September 1956.)

Poems for Upper School 1958-59, which contained The Titanic and Milton's Paradise Lost, Book I.