47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
April 19 [1958]

Dear old Earle:

Excuse pencil but the hand (as well as the foot) is still gesturing with neuritis.

It's a grand job you did, done lovingly! I have read it twice: so did Vi who is delighted with it.

I wish I could have found an article written by no less a critic than C.P. Scott, Editor of the Manchester Guardian, on the Roosevelt and the Antinoe. It was equal to Benét's, though on one poem only. As you may remember, Scott was regarded as the Dean of publishers and editors in the early 30's.

I shall be looking forward to the publication of the Carleton group of essays.

I should write at greater length but the neuritis isn't letting up.


grand job
An essay entitled 'E.J. Pratt and His Critics' which Birney had read at Carleton University in the lecture series known as 'Our Living Tradition.' (Published in Our Living Tradition, ed. Robert McDougall [Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1959]; Masks of Poetry, ed. A.J.M. Smith [Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 1962], pp. 72-95.)

Roosevelt and the Antinoe
Scott's review of The Roosevelt and the Antinoe, 'An Epic of the Sea,' Manchester Guardian, 5 August 1930. Comparing Pratt with Masefield, Scott gave the poem its most enthusiastic review in the British press. (See the note to 'gorgeous thing' in the letter to Hugh Eayrs, 9 July 1932.)