47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
April 5 [1958]

Dearest, darlingest sweets:

Excuse pencil because ink couldn't do justice to the above salutation.

When the enclosed arrived we thought it wise to open the letter as it might have contained information about your reservation.

Well it has been a long 24 hours since you left but the trip is only for a week which is a consolation. We have spent much of the time before the T.V. which gave us a most thrilling experience today as the most dangerous shoal on the Pacific Coast (near Vancouver) known as Ripple Rock was blown up under two million pounds of High Explosive. It had the appearance of an atom-bomb (mushroom shape). The Rock has been responsible for dozens of shipwrecks.

Your mother has just answered a buzz at the front door – Vicki Turnbull with a Bermuda Easter lily.

I am in the midst of marking the Bowater articles – an awesome collection of stylistic patterns and homicidal moods. May heaven forgive me for taking on such a job. I am resigning when I get in my report.

That's the news up to date.

The Reverend Pratt
(God help him).

Claire had gone on a holiday trip.

High Explosive
On 5 April 1958, the notorious hazard in the channel of British Columbia's Seymours Narrows was cleared by one of the largest non-nuclear explosions ever recorded.

Bowater articles
He had agreed to judge entries in a contest sponsored by the Bowater Corporation, operator of a paper mill in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.