47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Feb. 27, 1958

Dear Murdo:

Excuse this wavering penmanship but neuritis in foot and hand is responsible.

I do want to acknowledge your kindness in writing that Tamarack article. Its humor is delightful.

I have been in-doors now for three months with a foot which prevents walking. I have to cancel all engagements for a long time, my doctor asserts with emphasis.

By the way Murdo who in 'ell was that uninvited or rather self-invited guest? Oh my memory!

Love to all the family.


Tamarack article
'The Man and the Teacher [E.J. Pratt],' Tamarack Review 6 (Winter 1958): 71-4.

self-invited guest
Mackinnon writes in a postscript to his note to the Archivist of the Victoria University Library:

In his 1958 letter Ned asked me who the uninvited guest was. I could not answer at the time. But I now recall that it was an ex-Canadian who lectured in English at one of the S.U.N.Y. universities. The point is quite unimportant except that this brassy chap probably wanted to boast that he had been entertained by Ned Pratt in Toronto.