47 Glencairn Ave.
Feb. 27, 1958

My dear Ralph:

I am still indoors with that confounded neuritis, three months of it now.

It is wet and blustery (and snowy), a perfect correlation for your sonnet. The sestet is simply magnificent, Ralph! Lear, Owen, Mozart, Constanze present a sounding lead that plumbs the depths of poignancy.

I have read through your Penguin Introduction. It is fine, very fine. What a job you are doing for Canadian writers. We are all in debt to you.

When you and dear Betty come again, bless us again with your presence. We loved Betty as we love you.

Ned, Vi, Claire

your sonnet
'On Such a Wet and Blustery Night,' a sonnet referring to Mozart's burial in Vienna. See Gustafson's Collected Poems (Victoria, B.C.: Sono Nis, 1987), p. 62.

your Penguin Introduction
Gustafson had sent him the Preface to his new Penguin anthology, published as The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse later that year.