47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Feb. 20, 1958

Very dear Claude & Christine:

The deep love of the Pratts goes with this brief acknowledgment. I could write longer but my hand is still shaking after two months in doors, as you can readily see. I am thankful to say that there is nothing organic in my condition, – all the x-ray plates were negative. But the trouble was a very acute neuritis in my left foot which at present prevents me from walking.

Claude, how glad we were when we got the news of your appointment. To have the two of you 'fluttering' through the halls next fall will be a tonic to us all. But be sure to keep your hair brushed and tell Christine to preserve her lovely blue eyes for the more mature and observant graduates. God bless the two of you.

From Vi and Ned.

your appointment
Bissell had been appointed President of the University of Toronto.