47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
February 18, 1958

My dear Des:

I should have written you before this but I have been under the weather for some time and spending three weeks in bed. Hence excuse the wobbly scrawl. Neuritis set in all through my left foot necessitating a wheel chair in the house.

Nevertheless I must send a word of congratulation upon your new book. Lorne Pierce is jubilant over it. He sent me a copy and I have read and re-read it. It is truly magnificent in style and content. I am honoured in the lovely dedication and in the kindly treatment of myself, critical and appreciative – a blend I like.

Did you hear the Sunday account of the book by Louis Dudek who said that your book would stand on his bookshelf for years? He was enthusiastic.

It is good to have the Ryerson gang firmly behind it. Many people have telephoned me in admiration of your appraisals. I trust the book will have an enduring sale. Pierce thinks it will.

I should write at greater length but my hand is shaky with neuritis.

My love to you and Mary and
the whole family.

your new book
Ten Canadian Poets (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1958).

Sunday account
Dudek had reviewed the book in the CBC series Critically Speaking.