[6 Feb. 1958]

Dearest Earle:

Vi, Claire and I were so thrilled by your reading and your familiar voice that Vi jumped up and said – 'Write him at once and get a copy of that brilliant poem.' So here I am doing it. The postman has just brought your letter and I am penning the acknowledgement.

Bless you forever. I would write more but my lame foot still keeps me in bed.

Little Neddie

brilliant poem
Birney's contribution to the CBC's 'radio birthday party' for Pratt broadcast on 5 February (see the note to 'Newfoundland poems' in the letter to David G. Pitt, 2 February 1958), was a poem entitled 'Postprandial Thanks to EJP.' (See Birney's Collected Poems [1975].)

in bed
An attack of neuritis, a painful inflammation of certain nerves, had caused his confinement to bed much of the time since mid-January.