47 Glencairn Avenue
Toronto, February 2, 1958

Dear Mr Pitt:

I have had a letter from Cal, who tells me that you have kindly consented to undertake the editing of the proposed book of Newfoundland poems, and has asked me to send my list of selections which you may alter as you please. I am enclosing my list with this letter, and am sending in addition a copy of Magic in Everything, and a few hitherto unpublished poems.

In regard to a title for the book, I would like to suggest 'Here the tides flow' – the first line of the poem Newfoundland which might be the opening section. A sub-title could be added – 'Poems of Newfoundland by E.J. Pratt,' and I would like the book dedicated to my fellow-Newfoundlanders.

Since Brébeuf and His Brethren is much too long to be printed in its entirety, I am enclosing a list of parts which should form a collected whole, and which I should like as the final poem in the book.

If there is any other assistance which I can offer you, please let me know.

With kindest regards
and best wishes,
Sincerely yours,
E.J. Pratt

Newfoundland poems
In December 1957, Senator Calvert Pratt heard David G. Pitt's contribution to 'Profile of a Canadian Poet' – the CBC's 'radio birthday party' on the occasion of Pratt's putative seventy-fifth (actually his seventy-sixth) birthday. He suggested that Pitt edit a selection of his brother's poems chosen mainly for Newfoundland readers, particularly students, and shortly thereafter proposed such a volume to John Gray of Macmillan of Canada. Gray, viewing the proposal favourably, asked Pitt to edit the book.

my list
Pratt's list included most of the poems which by then were already in Pitt's tentative table of contents. See the letter to David Pitt, 18 February 1958.

Magic in Everything
The copy sent to Pitt was in the form of a Christmas card used by Macmillan of Canada on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, December 1955. (See the note to 'Magic in everything' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 15 January 1953.)

unpublished poems
'The Unromantic Moon,' 'Mother and Child,' and 'Newfoundland Calling.' Only the last was included in Here the Tides Flow.

my fellow-Newfoundlanders
On the advice of John Gray, neither the suggested sub-title nor the dedication was used in the book.