47 Glencairn Ave Toronto
Dec. 7, 1957

My good old Earle:

Thanks for your sweet note of concern. Let me hasten to say first that Dudek's diagnosis was over-pessimistic. There was no coronary and no angina.

I had what the doctors call tachycardia – a very fast pulse – 150 beats per minute which wore me down a lot. I went to the Hospital. Nothing organic – purely functional and nervous strain on the heart but serious enough to keep me in the house for last month where I am now.

The pulse has slowed down under digitalis but it has left me weak – too weak to get out of doors. I trust I can get out by the new year.

Bless you & your family and my benediction covers any stray cat or dog you may have in the house.


Dudek's diagnosis
In a letter dated 28 November 1957, Louis Dudek had informed Birney that Pratt had had 'a serious heart attack.'