47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
August 15, 1957

My good old Ralph:

Your friend with the Travelling Scholarship telephoned me to convey your good wishes, and I invited him and his wife down to the Royal York for a mid-day dinner. Both of them were delightful. We stayed at the table for three hours, had two scotches & soda each before and after broiled sirloin. We talked lovingly of you.

Too bad the Knopf crew were so stringent in the negotiations but I am happy that the Toronto Macmillans were cooperative. The selections in any case were ample. I am glad 'Come Away, Death' is included. You have been most generous to me, dear laddie.

When you come to Toronto you will be welcomed like a brother.


Travelling Scholarship
South African poet Anthony Delius (1916-89), author of An Unknown Border (1954), The Last Division (1959), and A Corner of the World (1962), was touring North America on a Travelling Fellowship.

See the letters to Gustafson, 14 and 21 March 1957. Gustafson had written him on 4 August: 'Knopf proved adamant and I had to give up my selection from "The Cachalot" being unable to meet their fee.'