47 Glencairn Ave
[mid-May 1957]

My dear Des and Mary:

Blessings on the both of you for your hospitality. It was grand to be with you.

By the way, Des, whom should I meet on the train, as it left Kingston for Toronto, but Lorne Pierce who was most enthusiastic over your forthcoming book. He described it as the finest piece of critical prose to come out of Canada and was proud that Ryersons had it.

I enjoyed my trip to Fredericton though the two nights going and coming were sleepless. But the days made up for it, and the entertainment – the entertainment!!

My love to you and
your sweet family.

He had been in Fredericton to receive an honourary degree. See the letter to Desmond Pacey, May 1957.

your forthcoming book
Ten Canadian Poets published by Ryerson Press in 1958.