47 Glencairn Ave
March 14, 1957

Very dear Ralph:

It was lovely to get a note from you yesterday.

Regarding copyright, there is no need to bother Knopf as the contract for the American Edition gives me sole right.

But the Canadian Macmillans 70 Bond St. Toronto have to be consulted as they possess the copyright individual and Collected.

Remember a big dinner and evening are awaiting your visit to Toronto.

With much love

P.S. Thanks for your Kakuyu poem. You certainly have the gift of crystallization more than anyone else I know.

I am so glad you are putting in 'Come Not the Seasons Here.' It is the favourite of Art Phelps and Roy Daniells.


Gustafson was compiling a new Penguin anthology of Canadian poetry. Entitled The Penguin Book of Canadian Poetry, it was published in 1958.

sole right
Acting on this advice, Gustafson hit a 'snag.' See the letter to Gustafson, 21 March 1957.

Kakuyu poem
Gustafson had sent him a three-line poem 'inspired by a Kakuyu print' (Gustafson, 9 March 1957). Kakuyu was the priestly name of the Japanese artist Toba Sojo (1053-1140), best known for his witty, lively drawings satirizing personages of his own time in the guise of animals.