47 Glencairn Ave
Dec. 6, 1956

My Dear Henry,

It was good to hear from you after a long silence and to know that you are keeping hale and hearty. I have had my ups and downs, but of late have been quite on top of the world healthwise, without an ache or a pain and as good an appetite as any old horse my age (75 now), and sleeping each night like a cherub in bliss. What more can a body ask?

No, I'm not doing much writing now. I gave up verse about four or five years ago. I still do a few talks now and then. Vi is the chief writer in this household now and she is very good at it. I sometimes give her a helping hand.

Yes I still recall those visits with great pleasure. They were good times. If you ever come up this way again be sure to call me and we'll have a meal and a round together for old times sake.

Compliments of the coming Season to you.


Give my best regards to Bart when you see him.


To New York in the 1940s.