47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Oct. 29, 1956


I am enclosing 'Mike' Pearson's speech or at least a part of it which brought down the house at the dinner last Thursday evening. He made it up himself. I would have sent it last Friday but I had to wait to get our own copy at 47.

I am also sending two letters which perhaps need answering before you return.

Our house is like a church basement meeting. As many as ten come in to tie those infernal knots and to exchange views on everything under Arcturus. I put on the Star programme last night – the Sunday night programme – to drown out the chattering but it was no use when Pash and Marion got arguing with the rest of the bevy. They left about eleven p.m., and then I managed to settle down with two pillows and three blankets to make sure I was in bed.

Let us know when you expect to get back but don't hurry on the highway.

Armand Whitehead and his wife took us out to dinner yesterday away beyond Richmond Hill. All of us met at the St. George's Church where we had a delightful sermon from Dr Short. He told one story which your mother claimed was meant for my ears. Short had had a busy week and was very tired on Sunday night but he had to keep an appointment on Monday at 10 a.m. So he telephoned a friend in whom he had absolute trust to wake him by telephone at 9 which would give him an hour to dress and breakfast. Imagine having the telephone waking him up at 9. Your mother whispered – 'Ah, that's meant just for you.'


Thursday evening
See the letter to Claire Pratt, 26 October 1956.

church basement meeting
The members of the Talents Service Club (see the note to 'Talents' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 5 September 1953 were preparing for another bazaar.

Sunday night programme
A radio programme of music sponsored by the Toronto Star.