[Ottawa, Ont.]
Friday a.m. [26 Oct. 1956]

Dearest Cayke:

Here we are at the Chateau, having survived three hours of entertainment (roast-duckling and speeches) last night. Your mother has just gone over to the Parliamentary Library and I am in my room sending off a brief record of the occasion. Our air trip was on the split-second time – good weather and everything favourable. We leave by air today at 4 o'clock, getting in to Toronto about 6:30.

Lester Pearson gave a very fine speech mainly on the Freedom of the Press plus its responsibilities. I never saw him in better form. His wife Marion (a former student of mine) looked quite fatigued. One would think she had gone through Nato instead of Mike or she may have been listening to an old speech.

Ian and Marion are coming to the Chateau to have lunch with us today. I may call up Claude Bissell who is now President of Carleton College. I saw Doug LePan and several of my old friends. More than one hundred attended the banquet.

So you think you'll move by van. We shall be so glad to see you. Let us know your schedule so we may be on hand to help in the moving of the furniture.

Your mother addressed the letter to you.


Château Laurier.

former student
Pratt taught Mrs. Pearson, the former Maryon Elspeth Moody of Winnipeg, in 1920.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in which Pearson as Minister of External Affairs was Canada's chief representative, was at the time deeply involved in the worsening Suez Canal dispute.

Carleton College
In Ottawa. It officially became Carleton University in 1957.

move by van
Claire was moving back to Toronto from Cambridge, Massachusetts.