47 Glencairn Ave,
Oct. 22 [1956]

Dearest Cayke:

I am putting these points down seriatum so I won't forget them:

  1. Your 'bountiful' letter just came.

  2. Your mother got your two prints.

  3. Do you recall the time when the '26 gang came in last year and Ruskin (Ruck) Thompson (the practical joker) threw the elastic lizard or salamander into the wash basin unknown to Helen Lloyd who was to do the washing? Well last Saturday night we had our '26 Reunion, the biggest we have had, 50 in all. I tried to burlesque myself. I took Hamlet and worked in all of the 50, at least the '26 section of them. Ruck was one of them and I called him up to the platform to receive his mark which was 50. Each person had a Shakespearean name in the middle. So I called, 'Thompson – Ruck Salamander Thompson, will you please come to the platform.' He came up and I said, 'You have a short essay – only "Hamlet, or what came up the drain."' They howled. You didn't see the serpent or salamander, did you? It was devilishly natural – wriggling along. No wonder Helen (who wasn't in on the trick before) screamed. [...] Your mother was in the front row with Helen and Ruth Wilson. I whispered to them that they had to cry. Your mother (whose name was Viola Volumnia) dried Helen's tear with a big red bandanna hanky. It was all good fun.

My love, we'll be glad to see you when you decide to come. I am re-arranging your bed-room after your mother arranged it. I like things perfect, as you know.

Much love.

'26 gang
Pratt had long since been elected Honorary President of the Victoria College Class of 1926. Individuals named in the letter were members of the class and friends of the Pratts.

1.5 lines were deleted, presumably by the recipient.