47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto Ont.
Oct. 18, 1956


Here's a new story. 'A very dull minister, who sent his congregation to sleep and half depleted his church, was admonished by the chairman of a committee that he would have to retire as he was ruining the church. The chairman said that the following Sunday was an anniversary and it was imperative to have a sprightly sermon. Come Sunday and the minister started the preliminaries all right, – hymn, prayer, reading, etc. and then said, 'Just a word of prayer before the sermon – "O Lord, fill the congregation with the spirit of gasoline, the power of dynamite and set them on fire."' Bishop Wilkinson told Armand Whitehead and wife, your mother and me last Sunday when Armand took us for a motor drive.

Mr Gibbs said he has his garage vacant till the 1st of November because the tenant hasn't paid up. If you intend returning I can get it for you. If not I'll tell him to get another tenant.

Enclosed are the Foster Parents cards.

We are getting along in the same way.

Much love.

Foster Parents cards
She was a member of the Foster Parents Plan from which she had ordered cards.