47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12, Ont.
Tuesday [9 Oct. 1956]

Dearest Cayke:

I am in the house alone. Winnie has just left and your mother is spending the afternoon with Mrs Stanley Ball.

Tonight we have dinner at the York Club Uncle Cal, Aunt Nellie, Poss, and I. Nellie will be staying a week, probably till next Monday when Cal returns to Montreal and St. John's.

Mr Savage phoned an hour ago to find out how you were and to convey his greetings. He didn't know you were in Boston and I didn't know just what your plans are.

How are you getting along dear? Any news of consequence?

This week is taken up with lunches and dinners for Cal and Nellie. Wednesday it's a dinner at the York Club and Friday a stag of fifteen men at the same place with Cal as the central figure. I am leaving now for the R.Y.

Bless you.

Royal York Hotel.