Victoria College
Toronto, Ont.
August 15, 1956

Dear Carlyle King:

I am writing this for two reasons:

  1. Your article on G.B.S. in the current Queen's Quarterly is the finest piece of biographical revelation I have seen in the Quarterly for years. I have lectured on Shaw for a long time and admired both his sparse encomiums and disembowelling wit. Your account is the best I have seen of the combination. It is so eminently readable for a quarterly.

  2. The second reason is personal. I have always refrained from responding to reviews and articles upon anything I have done myself, but your article in the Canadian Forum warmed my heart beyond measure, because conflict between 'heart and brain' has consistently been with me, though it has been neglected in favour of the 'story' element. As you may know, Frye has often emphasized that collision.

May Heaven bless you,
Ned Pratt

article on G.B.S.
'GBS and Music,' QQ 63 (Summer 1956): 165-78.

your article
'The Mind of E.J. Pratt,' CF (April 1956): 9-10.