Tuesday July 21 [1956]

Dear Art:

Your interview with Béliveau last week was superb. Vi and I listened in on our T.V. and were delighted. Your responses were sane, intelligible and eloquent. We were glad you had a chance of expressing your opinions not drowned out by the raucous roar of the others.

This for Lal:

Say if the lady down there in the fifth row doesn't stop her whispering and laughing at my lecture I'll send her back to her folks.



This letter is undated, but internal evidence (the 47 Glencairn address and reference to Jean Béliveau) would place it any time between 1953 and 1958.

Jean Béliveau (1931-2014) would become one of professional hockey's greatest players, but in 1953 was a star in the Quebec minor league who had been called up to play with the Montreal Canadiens for brief periods in 1951-52 and 1952-53. The 1953-54 series was his first in the major league, and in 1956, he was the league's top scorer and most valuable player.