July 10, 1956

My Dear Sister:

The delay in replying to your 'epic note' is due to my absence from the city for a few days.

You have done a wonderful piece of analysis and I feel honoured by its scope and, I may say, by its friendly treatment. It is the kind of attention I like – both critical and appreciative. I am glad that you placed 'Brébeuf' at the top, as it is my favourite, for the story took hold of my soul. It has always been my belief that a life without a faith is the most miserable form of existence imaginable. Brébeuf, as the martyr, is one of the most dramatic and ineffacable characters of history.

Your manuscript warmed my heart. When do you wish it returned, as I should like to re-read it?

Yours cordially,
E.J. Pratt