47 Glencairn Ave.
June 13, 1956

Dear Carl:

Tell Reg I am honoured in having his interest in my verse.

I never expected that Rachel would ever see print. I wrote [it] in 1917 and read it to a group of friends. A man named Alf Good asked to go over the ms. and the next thing I knew he had a limited number printed in New York in soft covers and without the name of either printer or publisher. It was distributed just among friends.

I didn't think much of the poem upon a re-reading a year afterwards and decided not to include it in Newfoundland Verse, except its conclusion. Later on I omitted it from the Collected Poems. It is very imitative of Wordsworth at a low level, though I think that conclusion in N.V. has some good lines.

I cannot find a copy anywhere – which doesn't make me weep anyway. A possession of it might do so.

Give my most cordial greetings to Reg and take a good share of affection for yourself and Margaret.

Vi and Claire send their regards.

Alf Good
An insurance agent whom Pratt had met through his friend, Robert S. LeDrew (see the note to 'poor old Bob' in the letter to Arthur Phelps, 18 September 1918. LeDrew, who thought very highly of the poem, had interceded with Good to have the poem printed. When Pratt included lines from 'Rachel' in Newfoundland Verse he dedicated them to the memory of R.S. LeDrew, who had died in 1919.