47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
August 14, 1955

Dear Ron:

The whole thing was wonderful – cheque, lunch, poems, and your mediating generous self. I shall see to it that the expenditure will count well. There are two magazines that will be helped by it.

Your verse makes 'the Montreal group' stuff appear anaemic. I saw the Milking poem in the Atlantic and I am glad that such a fine exclusive magazine accepted both. Keep on at it and give us similar fresh original images and phrases – 'the tail lopping a timothy,' 'Stuns the farm to drowsiness,' 'a deep nap of sidewalk plush,' 'the long bones of the elms' and so forth.

Good luck old chap and my love to you.

Claire is improving though it has been a long grind. She comes home next Thursday we hope, and though the cast may yet remain on for a year, it will be a comfort to have her under our own roof.

two magazines that will be helped by it
In a letter to David G. Pitt (1 May 1967), Everson wrote that this 'refers to the fact that Ned ran an unofficial Canada Council, using his own money and bits from some others of us, to help deserving unknown poets and shaky little magazines.' (See his account of fund-raising for John Sutherland in the letter to Sutherland, 29 September 1955.)

Milking poem
'After Evening Milking,' Atlantic Monthly (February 1955).

fine exclusive magazine accepted both
His 'Looking for Firewood' would appear in the July 1956 issue of Atlantic Monthly.