47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
July 24, 1955

My dear Peggy:

We were so sorry to have missed you. We tried to reach you by telephone several times at the Park Plaza but could make no contact. The phone girl said she would leave a message but probably you had left.

We had planned to have a party at the York Downs Golf Club for you, but Claire who was in the Hospital for a spinal fusion had developed a tumor which threw all our plans out. She is being operated on tomorrow and we are keeping our fingers crossed. She will have to remain at the 'General' for several weeks. This new development arising before the spine was healed has had a most depressing effect on us. We have the best surgeon in Toronto taking care of her but our minds will be clouded till she is definitely out of the woods.

We would dearly love to have seen you. Perhaps in happier days we can reunite. Vi sends her love to you.


Toronto General Hospital.

out of the woods
Claire's tumour proved to be benign, but she had to remain a month in hospital. See the postscript in the next letter to Ronald G. Everson, 14 August 1955.