47 Glencairn Ave.
April 16, 1955

Dear Leo:

Thanks for your note. It was nice to hear from you, old friend, even if the missive was brief.

No, I don't expect to be in your city for some time. I have greatly cut down on my speaking and travelling in recent months. It puts more of a strain on me than I can comfortably take these days. We had our daughter Claire in hospital in New York for six months having spinal fusions and other treatments done. She is home now but still in bed until the healing is complete, which means anywhere from another six months to a year or more. That has been an extra strain as you can imagine. But one of these days I may run down to see all my old friends in Montreal. If you should come this way do not fail to call me up and drop in to see me if you possibly can.

With fond memories of times past, and my love to you,