47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
Feb. 8, 1955

Dear Mrs Thomson:

Your kind letter came enclosing the cheque for $250.00 (Feb. 1, 1955) but I am not cashing it until I get further information. The first cheque for the same amount came in January. The delay didn't cause me any inconvenience whatever. I cashed this January cheque but the reason why I am withholding the February one is that I am not sure whether or not it is a duplication of the former.

The second reason is my assumption that the payment is quarterly not monthly. As Dr Pierce has been sick of late (and I didn't want to bother him) I telephoned Clark Locke who is interested in the Foundation and a close friend of Lorne Pierce, and Locke's impression was that the $250.00 was quarterly. If this is so, I shall return the second cheque to you, and wait until April for another payment. $250.00 a quarter is a most generous gift and even it it were just a single contribution not to be followed by others, my gratitude would be warm and sincere.

Perhaps there is a minute or resolution which would explain everything. If it happens to be an individual contribution I shall, as I say, return this present Feb. 1 cheque.

Sorry to put you to this bother. My kindest personal greetings.

E.J. Pratt

Mrs Thomson
Mrs. Donald W. Thomson (née Theresa Meeres), Executive Secretary of the Canadian Writers' Foundation 1943-71. The C.W.F. had been established in 1931, mainly by Pelham Edgar, to provide financial help to writers who have 'rendered distinguished service to their country but who face an old age of penury, if not destitution.' Pratt had recently been approved by the Foundation's governing committee to receive a periodic grant.

same amount came in January
See the letter to Theresa Thomson, 26 January 1955.

It was sent in error – a 'duplication,' and Mrs. Thomson, writing on 12 February, advised him to return the second cheque to the National Trust Company, the Foundation's trustee. (See the letter to Theresa Thomson, 16 February 1955.)