47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Jan. 30 [1955]

Beloved ones:

Here I am on Sunday morning just finished scrubbing out the bacon-and-egg pot. I haven't much housework to do as I have most of my meals at Floss's. Was there last night and I go again this late afternoon.

I got a letter from my old friend Father LeBel asking me if I would go to Windsor to attend the opening meeting of their new University. It was Assumption College. He has invited six people to come (including Watson Kirkconnell) and receive a D. Litt. I can't very well refuse as it won't be held till June, and the College has had me four times in the past with their generous honoraria.

There isn't much news going. How glad I shall be when the both of you are back. I telephoned Mr Free who manufactures Hospital beds. He said that he would install one at any time as soon as we clean out the room. He will get all the particulars from you so as to make the bed similar to the N.Y. one. It is a satisfaction to know that there will be no difficulty on that score.

Peggy went out to her country house last Sunday and found it in a terrible shape, doors and windows open. She got out again today as the job of fixing is a long and tiring one.

Did you know Hanna of St George United? He died in hospital a few days ago. He was the brother of the Hanna Soper and I stayed with when we came to Toronto first.

Jessie Norman is improving though she had a troublesome time of it at first.

Love to you always

Viola and Claire Pratt.