47 Glencairn Ave.
Friday morning [28 Jan. 1955]

Dears both:

Just got your letter Vi written on the 26th. Everything is fine here, including the bacon and eggs which I have devoured an hour ago.

It will be wonderful to have you home. Will you let me know Vi when you get in so I can meet you at the station.

Clare Hincks is counting very much indeed on my taking part in his meeting at the Margaret Eaton Hall on Thursday, Feb. 17th. He has me on the list with Edward Johnson, Lady Eaton and two or three others. It is just a reading for about 10 minutes. I told him about the possibility of Claire's return sometime close to that date. Naturally if you and she return that evening I'll cancel my performance. If Claire came on the 15th or say the 19th, I would go down to N.Y. and come back with you and then wedge in my job on the 17th. I feel I should be with you in any case but if Dr Wilson allows the earlier or later date, so much the better. I haven't done much for the Mental Health organization beyond the odd dinner and as I have been put on the payroll at $100 a month, this task would be a little contribution. I shall phone tonight or tomorrow night and get your view.

Yes I did phone Kathleen MacDowell and she told me that both the girl and the boy were manic depressives and the mother (I've forgotten her name) is in bed herself so that Phil has to shoulder the burden of the three. What some people have to go through. Perhaps Kathleen is exaggerating a bit as I haven't heard a whisper from anyone else.

Well, it will be lovely to see you.

Love to two o' ye as always,

Viola and Claire Pratt.

meet you at the station
Viola Pratt travelled to Toronto on 4 February, to prepare for Claire's arrival, returning to New York on 11 February. Her date-book records Claire being transported from the Toronto train station by ambulance on Tuesday, 15 February.

Dr Wilson
Dr. Phillip Wilson, Jr., had taken over Claire's case during Dr. Cobb's illness. In her date-book for 1955, Viola Pratt records Dr. Cobb's letter of recommendation on 13 January, and Dr. Wilson's first meeting with Claire on 15 January. The 'third' surgery took place on Friday, 21 January.