47 Glencairn Ave
Tuesday am [25 Jan. 1955]

Dearest Vi:

Your letter just came with the enclosed licence. But you forgot to put your signature at the end opposite my cross. You can send it back airmail. Sign on the first page.

Tonight I shall be hearing from you, bless your dear heart and Claire's.

People are telephoning very often about Claire and I am relieved to know that the 3rd is over and now the patient waiting is ahead. Wilson must be a fine fellow and I am glad that the nurses are efficient.

I have been out to dinner and lunch nearly every day, so I am well looked after. Kathleen McDowell wrote and I am holding her letter until your arrival.

What a joy it will be to see you again and Claire. I seem to be living for that experience.

I am enclosing two letters.


enclosed licence
See the letter to Viola Pratt, 22 January 1955.

Claire's third operation.