47 Glencairn Ave
Saturday am. [22 Jan. 1955]


Your letter of Wednesday evening came this morning with the whistler's compliments.

I was so glad to hear your voice twice yesterday. That the third operation is over is wonderful. Won't it be grand when after a few days the immediate effects are worn off and she can reply in her bright and courageous voice to the telephone message. I seem to live for those intervals with the both of you.

Here is the news in writing:

  1. [...]

  2. I am enclosing Mrs Mitchell's letter. I thought the scrawled Mrs was a Mr, so I opened it. You can reply as you see fit. She is a friend of Evelyn MacDonald. The job looks formidable, so don't overtax yourself in these critical times.

  3. I am being looked after well – lunch today with George Johnston at the York Club, after which I shall try to reach Floss's place to see how that Hambleton interview comes off. I don't think it is enough to make the angels sing though the archangels may weep. It is really old stuff. Tonight I go to McLuhan's for dinner, and tomorrow, Sunday, at 2, Floss is cooking a chicken to add another 500 calories to my increasing girth.

  4. I think I told you that Ewart took me to the hockey match and if he can find the time on his return we are going to the Skating Capades which is my favourite out-door pastime though it doesn't come very often.

  5. The plasterer comes on Monday. He may have to come a second time to put on a coat of paint. I will put down a lot of newspapers to take the dust and drips, then Winnie can clean up on Tuesday. Things are going well though nothing can take the place of seeinh your face and the news of Claire's recovery. Tell Nellie she is a gem of 'the purest ray serene.'

  6. The driver's licence. Here the time is put back to Jan 21. So if you send me yours signed I can post the two together. We may have to take short runs in the future so we mustn't be in a position to explain to a cop that we have only the 1944 licence. Nothing is needed on your card but the name. I can fill in the particulars.

  7. Claire's licence. I don't know what the regulations are there in Boston but Elery or Shirley would know. They say that if the applications are not in on time a new test must be undergone. That would be a bother.

  8. Wasn't it nice to have Clare Hincks in again. I am writing Henry and Katherine soon and telling them how grateful I am for their attention.

My, but this letter with its numbers looks like a seed catalogue.

Abundant love to you.

whistler's compliments
The postman, who invariably 'whistled while he worked'.

third operation
Claire's 'third' operation had taken place on Friday morning, 21 January.

Approximately 3 lines were deleted, presumably by Claire Pratt.

Mrs Mitchell

Hambleton interview
Part of the CBC series An Experience of Life (22 January 1955). See paragraph 4 in the letter to Claire Pratt, 9 June 1954.

Claire planned to return to Boston when she was well again.