47 Glencairn Ave.
Tuesday 2 pm. [18 Jan. 1955]

Dear peach and apricot (choose which is which but don't fight over it):

This is a quiet day though Winnie is merrily going the rounds of the house. In an hour I am going down to the College office as I am to have dinner with Wendell and Evelyn Smith. They will motor me to their place.

Yesterday I had lunch with Malcolm Wallace at the York Club and Dick Meech invited me to his room for a steak following which we proceeded to the Maple Leaf Gardens to watch a heavy-weight boxing match, the first I have seen in six months.

On Saturday five of us, Poss, Peggy, Ewart, Yvonne, and myself had dinner at the Royal York, soon to be accompanied by Carson Hudson (or Hudson Carson, I can never get the order right – What a name!)

The plastering isn't done yet though I phoned Gordon yesterday and today I phoned the Hydro about the two elements! I guess I shouldn't have bothered the Hydro as Saunders the chief, died in an air crash at Malton and is being buried today. He was a member of St. George United and the service is being held there. The motor cars are lined up for miles. There was a ton of ice on the wings just before the plane landed close to Malton. The other passengers, though injured, are surviving.

I may not phone tonight but will tomorrow evening.

Very much love,

peach and apricot
Viola and Claire Pratt.