47 Glencairn Ave
Friday [14 Jan. 1955]

Dearest Vi:

It was sweet to hear your charming voices last night. I shall telephone again tonight.

So Claire doesn't know yet when the third comes off. You will let me know the time, of course.

If you need any American notes call on me and I'll send them by mail.

Clare Hincks is starting off the New Year with a bang (bingo, bendix). I signed some more papers this morning and soon I'll get my monthly cheque. Marko and Nat Benson may collaborate in speaking and play writing for the Committee and on the 17th February I have to read Angelina as my part of the programme at the Margaret Eaton School of Expression (McGill St.) in company with Lady Eaton, Edward Johnson, Clare Hincks and others. As Lady Eaton was once a nurse she might see the humour of the old girl. I haven't to make a speech – just to read – that satisfies me.

Things are moving along here in even tenor.

I'll be phoning at 8:30 tonight.

Bless the two of you. Your cards came today & yesterday.

Much love.

Surgical procedure.

The Bendix Corporation – and engineering firm – made everything from hydralic braking systems and computers to home washing machines. American naval slang included the phrase 'all ahead Bendix' meaning 'beyond maximum possible ship's speed.'

A committee preparing a fund-raising entertainment on behalf of the Toronto Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

His poem 'To Angelina, an Old Nurse' (CP 1.249-52).