47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto Canada
Wednesday am [5 Jan. 1955]

Hello Mees, Mees, Mees:

How are you darling? We heard your voice last night and we shall telephone again tonight.

Mother has just gone downtown and I am left as the sole occupant of 47 Glencairn. I may go down this afternoon to get a suit from Eaton's special sale. Tomorrow both of us are invited to the National Club as the guests of good old Dick Meech – luncheon.

I was down at the College yesterday and had lunch with Norrie and Lord Surerus, the latter coming in after Norrie and I were through our soup. His lordship spoke pontifically about things near, remote and sundry if you know what I mean.

John Sutherland, Editor of the Northern Review (Montreal), has come to live in Toronto. He wants to teach and is going to take his B.A. at St Michael's. He and his wife are occupying a small flat. The magazine has a limited circulation and cannot support them. Father Shook is taking a great interest in John, especially as he is a converted Roman Catholic, a very devout one too. He is granted two years on his course and I am sure that there are two subjects in which he cannot fail – Composition and English Literature. I am having lunch with them at Burwash Hall on this coming Saturday. I guess he will be a teacher of English in a Separate School.

Ken MacLean has an Easter term of leave of absence – much I guess to his Lordship's disgust, as the English Dept. has had several leaves of absence through the last three years.

Nora Cochrane dropped (or rather sailed in) yesterday to wish us a happy New Year. She wanted to get the latest news on you and she gave us the latest news on herself – which is private editing plus two days at the Press per week. I think she is cute. She devoured most of Dick Meech's cake and a fair quantity of Jimmie Norman's wine (home-made) which tasted like treacle flavoured with lemon and soda. She told us all about her annuities and insurances and her rosy prospects, and her increased avoirdupois (which she says she cannot avoid).

Cal went to Ottawa on Sunday. He will be back sometime next week to attend the meeting (or meetings) of the Bank of Commerce, for which he gets $300.00 per attendance. Commerce pays well. He seems in good health apart from arthritis, which I suppose is there for keeps.

Well, we are looking forward to seeing your sweet face (hang this ball pen for smudges).

By the way dear, if Peg's voice is so stentorious, add another foot of space between telephone & ear. It will help. One has to learn these little artifices & gadgets. I'll phone tonight, bless you.


St Michael's
The Roman Catholic College forming part of the University of Toronto.

Separate School
In Ontario, a Roman Catholic parochial school.

'Weight; degree of heaviness' (OED).

Bank of Commerce
Senator Pratt was a member of the board of directors of the bank.