47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto, Canada
Jan. 1, 1955

Dearest Cayke:

'Twas good to hear your voice and message last night, but I am now ahead of you in time as this is the first letter I am writing in 1955.

That was a lovely letter from Dr Cobb. I am so pleased that he appreciated the book. I trust he is better by now.

Last night we spent at Pash's – from 11 pm. to 2:30 am. What a time. Mother and I, Joe & Muriel, Marie Mason were guests. I was afraid Joe was going to pull the ears off Muriel. He kept pinching them and tickling them, and he had in his hand a toy hammer and pretended to pound her on the head. She kept moving over to the extreme end of the couch and trying to smile and look sweet generally but it must have been a task. He is getting sillier and sillier.

We had a buffet supper at 1 am. – chicken à la mode, kippered herring, olives, cheese, bread and muffins plus coffee. Wasn't I glad to get back into bed at 3, and now I have just finished breakfast.

Tonight we have a roast of sirloin for Cal, Poss and Peggy. They are coming at 6 not at 11 pm. Cal goes back tomorrow to Ottawa, then to Newfoundland. He has been here nearly a month and is feeling better though he finds it difficult to sit down comfortably. Too bad he can't recline in an armchair.

Our table is loaded with Xmas presents. I have six boxes of cigars many of which I shall give to Winnie's father. And the chocolates – five pounds of them in a Neilson box, but they will go one by one.

I don't suppose you know when your 'third' will take place. Depends on Dr Cobb of course. Your mother plans to go down next Sunday tentatively. This week College opens, I think the 4th and things will be in full swing again. At present the rooms and courts are empty.

I have had a lot of cards from old students which I must answer – some of them at least.

Well I'll send you a note every day or two. Bless you and a happy New Year.


the book
Pratt had sent a copy of his Collected Poems for Claire's surgeon. See the letter to Viola Pratt, 18 December 1954.

Her third surgical procedure.