Sunday am. [19 Dec. 1954]


It was sweet to hear your voices last night. I may phone again tonight at 6:30. When you phoned me before twice I was at (1) the Flenley dinner (he is retired now) and (2) at the MacCrimmons.'

I have just finished my breakfast of one slice of toast, one 'delicious' apple and two cups of coffee. That's enough as I go to Poss's for mid-day dinner with Cal.

Three parcels have come which I decided not to open until Christmas – one from Karl & Rita, one from the Shahoffs and one from Mrs Gordon Keyes of Weston. But I am sending on Hager's letter & picture and in another letter I am enclosing a couple of cards for Claire.

We have had very moderate weather, no rain and little snow though the sidewalks are quite slippery. The temperature hasn't gone below 25 and not above 40, almost a record for December – so far.

People have called up by phone, Mrs Turnbull – there are three of them and I'm not sure which one but she said she had been away with her daughter and had not returned till yesterday.

I have just phoned Ina who said that Nan had to go to a nursing home on Popular Plains Road. She had lost her speech and the use of her right arm and leg but was slightly improving. Ina said she had to get her into a 'home' as she (Ina) was losing her nerves herself. In fact it was a most distressful conversation with Ina crying instead of talking, poor girl. She had had three nurses each day and she had to look after them, answer the door and the phone, etc. until she almost collapsed. She is feeling a little better since and getting some rest and sleep. She sends her love to you and Claire.

Coming back to domestic affairs, I bought a Porterhouse at Henley's and put it in the Refrigerator in case Cal should come up and have a stew. I took a little of it yesterday but frying it made such a smoke in the house I decided to put it back and make a stew out of it, Cal of course helping when he arrives. I have some onions and I'll get a few potatoes tomorrow when I am through with the parcel delivery. Pash is taking me around. Her Clarke framing is splendid. And the more I look at Claire's Seagulls and waves the more I see in the picture. It is a real present on the grand scale. Cayke, you're a wonder!

How is Dr Cobb getting along? Or do you not hear any news? Isn't it too bad that he should take sick?

I haven't been at the College office for a week and haven't seen any of the staff. Anyway the holidays have begun and the crowd won't be back till the second week in January.

Dear, if you need any more money let me know and I'll send a draft for any amount required.

Blessings on you both.

By the way, I think I'll send this by air and the enclosed pictures by regular mail. I think there's a day's difference at least. Your air letter written Wednesday got here on Saturday.

Flenley dinner
See the letter to Claire Pratt, 14 December 1954.

Ina McCauley's sister.

Clarke framing is splendid
See the note to 'Sea-Gulls' in the letter to Viola Pratt, 18 December 1954.