47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto 12
Sunday am [19 Dec. 1954]

Dearest chuck:

Just to hear your 'hello' was a rhapsody an hour ago.

Several people have telephoned since I wrote among them being Mrs McGrew and Mary Kilbourn who thought your woodcuts were wonderful. I thought I would pass on the good word.

I have just written your mother so the two letters will contain all the contemporary news.

I am getting along quite well, everything in order except the bed which despite its comfort looks as if the angel Gabriel had deputized some imp from Hades to rumple it up near the open window.

The sneezing fit comes on every second day or so and I am becoming an expert at washing out the hankies. Thank goodness it doesn't bother me when I am asleep.

I had for breakfast this morning a pear which Floss gave me, three rashers of bacon which she also gave me, three slices of brown bread which I gave myself and two cups of coffee made in milk. I am beginning to puff like a 21 Cortleigh Boulevard phenomenon in the back yard.

Bless you,

Mrs McGrew
Mother of Claire's friend Julia.

Claire Pratt speculated that 'someone had given him an expensive cigar,' and that the 'phenomenon' is probably a reference to the fires he would light to burn leaves and trash in the backyard at Cortleigh Boulevard (letter to David G. Pitt, 3 August 1987).