47 Glencairn Ave.
Friday am. [10 Dec. 1954]

Dear pets:

I wonder how you are today. Is the throat easier? And are you staying at the Beckman? I was so glad to hear your voice last night even if it was husky. I came home from Poss's in time. Am going there again tonight after which I spout on the Titanic to the Liberal Arts Club.

You will be glad to now that two days ago they put in the traffic lights by Sproule's drug store – quite convenient. And we were talking about the necessity of it a few days ago. Now we can cross without anxiously peering North and South to watch the cars coming at 50 m.p.h.

And how is sweet Cakes? I hope the progress will be fast. I am thinking about her all the time.

Cal is probably coming tomorrow and on Monday evening we have the Hincks dinner and meeting. I hope the boys turn up in good time.

Phone dear as often as you can between 9 and 10 and let me know the news. Let Peg do the talking if the throat is sore.

Excuse this paper. I must get a pad from the Bureau soon. My pen is beginning to scratch. It is close to the end of its 39 cent value.

With much love

Viola and Claire Pratt.