47 Glencairn Ave
Tuesday [30 Nov. 1954]


Your card just came. How nice it was for Henry Wells to send all those illustrated cards!

We are having a quiet day. Your mother is at the Wesley Blds. Winnie is making the vacuum cleaner roar and I am working away at Andrea del Sarto for the C.B.C. Tonight Hazel is coming to take us to see Gregory Peck in 'A Million.' I saw the hanged thing a month ago but I have to be civil and let the fact go undisclosed.

Much love.

Postcard; postmarked Toronto, 30 November 1954.

See the note to the 'Browning business' in the letter to Viola Pratt, 11 November 1954.

'A Million'
He refers to a British film, The Million Pound Note, based on a story by Mark Twain, entitled in the United States Man with a Million Pounds.