47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto Canada
Wednesday am [24 Nov. 1954]


Your card just came.

I have a howler for you today. I was going along Bloor St. near Murray's and I tapped Mary Ellen on the shoulder saying 'Hello Mary Ellen.' She turned and said – 'What do you want?' and gave me a glassy look. It wasn't Mary Ellen at all, but actually it was her double. Was my face red? Something like the time I said to the woman under the umbrella – Can you tell me where the Hell – (icon Club is)? Something must be done about this. I cannot be going around tapping women, peering under umbrellas, half-swearing, etc. etc. etc. Have you a solution? Stay home? A solution indeed but a dreary one when your mother is out with her little white hat.

How is the fusion getting along? Any less discomfort?

Bless your dear heart.


Murray's Restaurant.