47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto Ont.
Saturday pm [20 Nov. 1954]

Darling Vi and Claire:

Here I am in the house this mild Saturday afternoon penning a note to the twa o'ye.

I had lunch at Floss's, heard a few records which Peggy put on – Oklahoma and Don Cossacks and others, then decided to embark for 47.

I saw Hal Bennett on the way down the stairs. Ethel is staying in a lot, on account of so many student parties she has had.

Cal phoned this morning just before his trip to Newfoundland. He had spent an hour or so with Brockington in the Hotel lounge at the Windsor. L.W.B. is off by plane to Scotland to deliver a St Andrew's address. Can you beat it? How he travels around with all his infirmities surpasses my understanding. He told Cal he was going the rounds as long as he could last – rather ominous it sounded.

Today I got a cheque for $16.00 from the Harvard Vocarium. Hitherto it has been between 3 and 5 dollars a year for record royalties which makes me think the Victoria order of 30 sets is included, but I'm not sure. I hope it is altogether American.

Hincks is on his way to New York and probably will run in to see Claire. His financial efforts seem successful for the Toronto Branch. Arthur Daly came through with $250, a handsome sum. My cheque for entertaining and signing papers (imagine it!) will soon come. Clare is on the top of his psychological world.

Love to the two of you. I shall telephone tonight.

Neddie boy

The Windsor Hotel in Montreal.

Leonard Brockington was severely crippled.

Harvard Vocarium
Harvard Vocarium Records was the commercial label of the phonograph disks made of him reading his poems when he visited Harvard University in 1946. (See the note to 'they may be marketed' in the letter to Viola and Claire Pratt, 2 March 1946.)