47 Glencairn Ave
Wednesday a.m. [17 Nov. 1954]


Claire's letter just whisked through the door and I am answering it at once and also dropping you a line with some enclosures.

Winnie was here yesterday and cleaned up everything in true Winnie fashion. She even washed the clothes and ironed them. I told her she didn't need to come next Tuesday as I am out nearly all day, but she could turn up in two weeks time. By that time you may be back with your little white cap or your scarcely less attractive (probably not even scarcely) red cap plastered on the back of your finely moulded poll.

I told you I was at the Dalys' the night before last and at Poss's last night for a stew. I am putting on weight I think.

This afternoon Hal & Ethel Bennett are having a 3 p.m. tea and I'll turn up.

I saw Charlie Leslie yesterday on Bloor St and he passed me with just a nod as if he were in the depths of melancholia. Something has happened. Chris says he resents his transference from Vic to Emmanuel and Irving's headship. But that's conjecture. Charlie has asked for a year's leave of absence on grounds of health. It's too bad isn't it?

I am preparing to get at my Andrea del Sarto' and have that off my chest. The contract calls for first and second drafts, as they are very finicky with High Schools – Grades XI-XIII.

Jim wrote a nice letter almost in the old style though I could detect notes of personal complaint. He is taking up sketching again which is good. He was inquiring mainly about Claire. I saw Dr John McDonald yesterday and he reaffirmed his belief in Cobb and said that if the first four days following the operation passed without temperature, infection could be ruled out. The anti-biotics have made vast strides. The doing of the first operation low down was very sound he thought.

I am sending this to the Hotel as I know you like to get in there with a letter in the box.

Very much love,