Tuesday a.m. [16 Nov. 1954]


I am sending this note and enclosure to the Beckman, as you said it was disappointing to get nothing when you got back. So I shall send Claire's to the Hospital and yours to the Hotel.

You got the Francis and Red Deer letters in the brown envelope, didn't you? I mentioned it in the telephone message but I wasn't quite sure that you had received them or expected them. The fact that this one comes from Simcoe suggests the expected arrivals. I hope everything is all right.

I am also enclosing Jim's letter and am answering it today. Winnie has just come in and will do all the necessary washing. Her loud and cheery note sounds like spring with full breeze. I suggested she come in two weeks time, not next week as I am out most of the time after 10:30 a.m.

The Dalys sent their love to you and Claire last night. I had dinner with them. I am to go there whenever I am free. Between the Club, Poss and the Dalys I am well looked after.

If you feel you are going short financially let me know at once as there is ample American money in the Browning Version. A twenty can be pushed in any time you say.

I am telling Claire a couple of stories I heard from Currelly recently. The old chap walks with a stick and is not too well and finds it impossible to write.

How I'll love to see you when you return. It's a blessing to know that Claire is holding her own. To start off in good general condition is fine.


Browning Version
See the note to the 'Browning business' in the letter to Viola Pratt, 11 November 1954.