47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto Canada
Tuesday am. [16 Nov. 1954]

My Dear:

I have a couple of stories to tell you which Currelly related to me a few days ago.

The Head of the Methodist Church named Carman who, because of his autocratic ways, was known as Bishop Carman when he visited St. John's to preside over the Methodist Conference. He was a disciplinarian and quite rude, clamping down on interrupting clergymen.

One timid soul, who was known never to speak at the General Assembly, managed to summon up enough courage to get on his feet when Carman was presiding. His remark was 'Mr Carman, I sometimes think' and Carman's rejoinder before the poor soul could get through his statement (which probably wasn't very profound) – 'Do you?' He sat down immediately. Later on, feeling the importance of his idea, he rose again and said – 'Mr Chairman, I have an idea,' to which the Bishop curtly answered – 'Keep it, brother.' The minister kept silent for the rest of the session, having the sympathy of the audience but the neglect of Carman.

I thought I'd hand this on to you. Pass it on to your mother as I didn't tell her in my letter.

Here's hoping for a rapid healing,