47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Canada
Monday am. [15 Nov. 1954]

Dearest Vi:

Your card just came (written Friday morning) and I was a bit disturbed over your not receiving your mail. Now since I have just phoned I know you received the big envelope. Were the letters from Francis & Red Deer contained. As these might be important I have been wondering in view of the events coming on. In case I didn't enclose them I re-assorted the old mail, mine and yours (second class) to see if I missed anything. When I said there were two letters for you from these two places, you replied, 'Send them along.' But by now you must have received them though it takes three days to go or come. Let me know.

It was good to hear your voice just now and Claire's 'hello.' It makes me feel very near to you both – more than a three-days letter as welcome as that is.

I am being looked after pretty well. Two dinners at Poss's, one at Hincks, and tonight at the Dalys. I stay in most of the day, thinking partly of Andrea del Sarto and the both of you darlings.

If you want a bit of money, just say so, and I'll slip a $20.00 note in a letter. Let me know when you are returning so I can make arrangements through Peg or you for a room, say the second day after your arrival.

Claire says she is feeling quite comfortable now considering everything. I am so glad she is in such good hands. Several doctors here claim that Cobb is as good as any surgeon in the world. That's a real encomium when rivalry exists in the medical profession as it does among artists, etc.

And are you comfortable, dear? Is the room satisfactory? My royalties this month exceed $100.00 and they are yours. Tell Claire that there is a real possibility of a contract being made out with the C.B.C. giving her all royalties each year from the reproduced Titanic and Brébeuf. The former may be substantial.

I am not sending the W.M.S. letter which I imagine contains the cheque. It can keep till you come. There is no mail first class since I sent the last, but a lot of magazines and two-cent letters and some addressed to both of us. If anything of importance comes I shall send it. And make sure you received those two Western letters.

The very best of love

Francis & Red Deer
Francis, Saskatchewan and Red Deer, Alberta where two of Viola's brothers lived.

Titanic and Brébeuf
Recorded dramatizations, done originally for the School Broadcast programme of the Ontario Department of Education.