Friday am. [12 Nov. 1954]

My dears:

How are you today? I thought I would wait till the mail came before I wrote so as to hand you on the news.

I have just telephoned Mrs Davis and explained the situation. She understands.

I made a fine job of my breakfast. Having been at Poss's last night for dinner I came home with a can of condensed milk, some butter and four slices of bread – one slice I burned in characteristic manner but still edible. The bacon took away part of the scorching. (My pen has gone bughouse – 39 cents. So now I use a pencil.)

How is sweet Cakes? I trust she is improving daily. When you decide to return let me know so I can take over. Peg will get me a room.

Yesterday I had lunch at St Mike's. Marshall McLuhan had me at the house first and then I sat with the 'cloth' – Shook, McCorkell, Kelly and others.

There is not much doing around the place. I have to answer correspondence and wash dishes and sneeze. I am sending on your letters but retaining the W.M.S. letter which looks like your cheque.

I have dinner with Hincks tonight, but hope to be home early.

Blessings and love on the both of you.

Viola and Claire Pratt.

Mrs Davis

St Mike's
St Michael's College, University of Toronto.

your cheque
As editor of World Friends, which was published by the Woman's Missionary Society, Viola Pratt was an employee of that organization.