47 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
Thursday a.m. [11 Nov. 1954]

Dearest Vi:

'My heart to thy sweet voice' etc. That's how I felt when I heard your notes over the phone yesterday. I thought first I would telephone the Hotel first but on second thought decided on the Hospital hoping to catch you before you returned to your room. I caught you in time.

I found the house as I left it – no dishes to wash, if you know what I mean. I had dinner with Poss last night, and today I have lunch with the McLuhans. One would think they were a brother and sister, phoning up to see how I am getting along and you and Claire. I am having dinner again tonight with Poss. So I am well looked after.

I suppose you spent most of your time at the Hospital. It's too bad I didn't get a chance to see Dr Cobb but his activities prevented it. Next time may be more favourable.

Hincks telephoned a couple of times. If possible, I want to reserve November 18, Thursday, for a meeting of the Ontario Division of the C.M. Health as the lack of a quorum cancelled the last one and at least I can count myself one of the number. That's about all I am good for. But the really important one comes in December. So I can make Cal's arrival tally with the meeting. He can bring in some of his friends. Clare is quite keen on that, and I must justify my membership and my stipend somehow, being President. God save the mark!

The Macmillans sent me a cheque for Erosion and Sea-Gulls to be used in anthologies. Let me know when you want a draft in advance and don't go depriving yourself in the least. That's what the money is for – to bless you and Cayke. You said that Claire was getting along as well as might be expected.

Note: your letter of Tuesday just came through the door per the whistling warbler. Both the whistler and the letter were most welcome.

I haven't moved out of the house except for meals and provisions. I shall soon get at the Browning business which is due about the middle of December – about 14 minutes of notes and 16 of readings all of which will be done by John Drainie, thank heaven!

By the way what does MU stand for as a telephone section? I have forgotten the full name. I know the Beckman – ELdorado 5-7300. This is in case I have to telephone.

I am sending the first class mail – the second class can wait.

Much love to you dear. I shall write Cayke tomorrow and try to reproduce the bird-calls of the postman.


as I left it
He had just returned from his visit with Claire in New York.

Browning business
He was preparing a script on Robert Browning's 'Andrea del Sarto' for an Ontario School Broadcast.

The New York hotel where Viola was staying.